Tuesday, February 08, 2005

San Francisco Bay Region Internet Wildlife Gardening Resources

Online articles about wildlife gardening:

from Yerba Buena Nursery in Woodside:

Record of native bees found in the Greater San Francisco Bay Region, with some of their likely plant hosts, compiled by Laura Arneson

Deer-Proofing Your Bay Area Garden by Kathy Crane, owner of the Yerba Buena Nursery

Deer Repellent Spray Recipe from Yerba Buena Nursery


the Yerba Buena Chapter of the California Native Plant Society:

Gardening With Natives for Wildlife by Jeffrey Caldwell

Snakes in the Garden by Jeffrey Caldwell

Wildlife Habitat Piles in the Garden by Mark Heath
Interesting article -- one of the easiest and best possible ways to "make habitat"!

Gardening with California Natives: GARDENING FOR HUMMINGBIRDS by Lori Hubbart
Annotated list of useful plants.

Gardening with Natives: GARDENS AND WILDLIFE by Fred Rinne
A philosophical take.

Very informative short article.

Addresses plantings suitable for your soil type.

Gardening for Bees by Randy Zebell
Observations of a perceptive San Francisco native plant gardener -- focus is on native bees.

Birds, Other Wildlife and Native Plants – articles on the Web site of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter, California Native Plant Society; include some by me, updated versions to be also found elsewhere on this blog, and these:

California Native Hummingbird Plants by Ellie Gioumousis

Wild Pigs and Plants by John Rawlings

Native Plants that Attract Birds – by Doreen Smith
This list gets down to a useful level of detail.

Plants for Bay Area Butterflies by Native Here Nursery, East Bay Chapter, California Native Plant Society

Santa Cruz Mountains Bioregion Electronic Almanac by Fred Mc Pherson
Good annotated bibliographies, among other things.

Natural Resources Conservation District Biology Technical Notes
Many free PDF document downloads available, such a study of “Nesting Structures” (most relate more to the Eastern U.S.)

Creating Butterfly Gardens (503 KB PDF)
For California – a Natural Resources Conservation Service publication, 2 pages.

Backyard Conservation
Help protect the environment in your yard, though ever so small, using methods developed for farms and ranches.

BARN OWL NEST BOX – Plans and Instructions (PDF)
2 pages, this and next two from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

BLUEBIRD HOUSE – Plans and Instructions (PDF)
2 pages, developed in Davis.

KESTREL HOUSE Plans and Instructions (PDF)
2 pages, developed in Davis.

Santa Cruz County Resource Conservation District
Order free publications such as “Barn Owls for Rodent Control”, “Build a Home for Bug-eating Bats”, “Creating Butterfly Gardens”, “Plant Natives for Birds”, et cetera.

San Mateo County Resource Conservation District
Documents available include “Improving Songbird Habitat”; many oriented to those with country property.

Nestbox Articles – from the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society by Leda Beth Gray

Setting the Table for your Winter Birds – from the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society by Garth Harwood

Wildlife and Inspiration – 40 page PDF download offer for fee from the Growing Native Web site; perspectives from many interviews with native plant gardeners.

Keeping Your Cats Indoors by Leda Beth Gray

Bette Wentzel Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden, Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum, Fremont City Park -- a project of the Ohlone Audubon Society.

Attraction Factors for Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Moths by Phil Gordon, Ohlone Audubon Society

Butterfly Gardening in the Bay Area (PDF) by Barbara Deutsch and Sally Levinson
Very helpful article by the North American Butterfly Association, 6 pages.

Butterfly Gardens and Habitats by North American Butterfly Association
Several excellent publications available here as PDF documents, highly recommended for serious butterfly gardeners. Reports on butterfly gardening from other areas of California may be helpful, too.

PRBO Conservation Science
Excellent articles, concise and authoritative by the Point Reyes Bird Observatory. Under Publications, click on Conservation Education, then Bird and Wildlife Information for these must-read articles: “Landscaping for Birds”, “Helping Birds at your Bird Feeder”, “Helping Birds in Next Boxes”, “Helping Birds at Horse Ranches”, and “Helping Birds in Orchards”.

Why are Bat Houses Important? – Organization for Bat Conservation

Gardening for Pollinator Insects by Xerces Society, Portland, Oregon
Good for information on making nests for native bees and meeting all the needs of butterflies – concise and authoritative.


NATIVE USES OF NATIVE PLANTS in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Foothills of California and Nevada (4.23 MB PDF)
Natural Resources Conservation Service, 19 pages. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs. Aboriginal uses helped shape the “natural habitat” found by the first European explorers and settlers.

Bay Nature
Local natural history magazine Web site; has had excellent articles on wildlife gardening or of interest to wildlife gardeners.


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