Sunday, February 06, 2005

Garden Habitat Makes a Difference

I just ran across some news stories that confirm what a difference it makes when gardeners are friendly to wildlife. Wildlife gardening is popular in the United Kingdom, bolstering the numbers of some species of birds.

A British Trust for Ornithology study notes that gardens make up more than twice the land area of the country's nature preserves. Their report says "wildlife friendly gardening is important for the future of threatened species like the song thrush and spotted flycatchers"!

The article "UK Gardens Protecting More Birds" concludes: "The British household garden is playing a much bigger role in the conservation of wild bird species than was thought" and "gardeners can make a difference"!

I've always believed this and seen it confirmed many times. The fact is, many "preserves" are heavily used by people, most are on marginal, unproductive land and often are significantly overrun with invasive exotic weeds. Even small patches of man-made garden habitat, contrived to be packed with life-support value, are extremely supportive of wildlife, especially the smaller species -- and most of life's diversity consists of smaller species.

Some species declining in the "wild" are doing better in gardens. "Hands on" management of an area to benefit particular species can really benefit them.

UK gardens protecting more birds

The Blue tit is a very popular garden bird in Britain and has been reproducing very successfully thanks largely to wildlife friendly gardeners:

Blue tit boom 'may cause crisis'

The bird is reproducing so well the British Trust for Ornithology is encouraging people to put up nesting boxes, because natural nesting cavities are in short supply!
The lack of nesting sites is the key population limiting factor for many species, one that a sympathetic gardener can remedy. If you are thinking about putting up nesting boxes for this year, delay no longer. The earlier they're in place, the better.

Nesting boxes are among the products carried by Wild Birds Unlimited stores, a good place to shop.


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