Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Notes on Recommended Books

These are either in print or still easy to get. You will find my name in the acknowledgments of the first two on this alphabetical list.

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Bauer, Nancy. The Habitat Garden Book: Wildlife Landscaping for the San Francisco Bay Region. Coyote Ridge Press, Sebastopol, 2001. Very helpful and concise, a labor of love.

Francis, Mark and Andreas Reimann. The California Landscape Garden, ecology, culture and design. U.C. Press. 1999. Wildlife a particular interest here.

Griggs, Jack. The Wildlife Gardener’s Guide to Hummingbirds and Songbirds from the Tropics. The most colorful songbirds are those that migrate back and forth from the tropics – and they also are most critically in need of our help.

Harlow, Nora and Kristin Jakob, eds. Wild Lilies, Irises, and Grasses: Gardening with California Monocots. University of California Press, 2003. Nicely organized and beautifully illustrated, the most accessible source of information about these plants for gardeners.

Henderson, Carrol. Lakescaping for Wildlife & Water Quality. Brand new book on an important topic not previously a focus of any other book I know of – and anything by Henderson is worth reading.

Johnson, Catherine J. Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden: Creating Backyard and Balcony Habitats for Wildlife. Huntley & Marks Publishers, Point Roberts, WA. 2004. The latest offering, includes many projects for housing and feeding birds, bees, butterflies, etc.

Lacey, Louise. The Basics. Website at
This publication, a gardening journalist's encapsulation of essential knowledge for the novice native plant gardener, is now available as a download-for-fee, as are most of the past articles of the Growing Native newsletter, several years of work based on interviews with numerous native plant gardeners all over the state.

Link, Russell. Landscaping for Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. University of Washington Press in association with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. 1999. A treasure trove of unique ideas from a wildlife biologist who also has a landscape architect's perspective. Many of the same species of plants and animals are native to the San Francisco Bay Area, so it is useful here.

Lowry, Judith Larner. Gardening with a Wild Heart, restoring California’s native landscapes at home. U.C. Press. 1999. Judith, owner of Larner Seeds, is a perceptive advocate, delightful to read.

Schmidt, Majorie G. Growing California Native Plants. U.C. Press. 1980. Writes from the perspective of her Los Gatos garden.

Stokes, Donald, and Lillian Stokes. Stokes Bird Gardening Book, a complete guide to creating a bird-friendly habitat in your backyard. Little, Brown and Company. 1998. An easy read, lots of photographs, by true nature lovers. Does a good job of covering the basics of bird gardening.

Stokes, Donald, and Lillian Stokes. Stokes Oriole Book: the complete guide to attracting, identifying, and enjoying orioles. Little, Brown and Company. 2000. Unique -- the only book I know devoted solely to orioles in your backyard. Lots of photographs.

Tekulsky, Matthew. The Butterfly Garden: Turning Your Garden, Window Box, or Backyard into a Beautiful Home for Butterflies. Author is from southern California. Available used, worth gettting.

Woodward, Mary K. Butterfly Gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Due out in March 2005 – likely to be one of the more useful books for butterfly gardeners in our area.

Xerces Society, Smithsonian Institution. Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden. 2nd. Edition. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books. 1999. Particularly helpful appendices of larval host and nectar plants.

Xerces Society. Pollinator Conservation Handbook. Xerces Society, Portland, Oregon. 2003. “A Guide to Understanding, Protecting, And Providing Habitat for Native Pollinator Insects.”


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