Monday, December 06, 2004

Native Annual Plants of San Francisco, notes for the nature gardener

Annual wildflowers complete their lifecycle in less than a year, usually germinating in the fall or winter, flowering in the winter, spring, or summer, and then setting seed and dying before the fall rains return. California poppies may live longer, but often are sold or treated as “annuals” in the garden because they come into bloom in their first year of growth.

Our native annuals are among the most neglected and under-used species for the garden, possibly because gardeners have wandered away from the pleasures of growing their own plants from seed. If you have never grown plants from seed, our native annuals are good ones to start with – and in almost any garden one can find room for at least a small planting, or even grow them in a container. Many annuals resent transplanting and are best grown from seed sown where they are to stand. Most can be grown in containers and transplanted at optimum stages of growth, but aren’t as adaptable as garden center six pack plants.

Some of the very most beautiful native wildflowers, such as sky lupine, ruby chalice clarkia, or tidy tips … are annuals. On the other hand, many native annual species bear flowers so small that they are not thought of much for gardening. Some native annuals are so small as to be frequently overlooked and thus neglected. A few, such as summer cottonweed, grow so quickly and are so coarse [often with rather small flowers as well] that they are considered “weeds” and are generally rejected by gardeners.

Annuals may be large, but many are small and some minute. Some of the smallest annuals -- plants of the lowest tier -- often produce much more food for wildlife [and livestock] than one may imagine. The amount and weight of seeds in comparison to the size of the plants – in such species as dwarf plantain or salt-marsh sand spurry, [or indeed, most annuals] -- has often amazed me when out seed-collecting. Often the excess of ripening seeds attracts diverse multitudes of small insects! They provide plenty of food for birds, too.

The dwarf or California plantain, one of the most common herbs in pristine California grasslands, produces a substantial crop of seeds:

Photograph by Margo Bors, Yerba Buena Chapter, California Native Plant Society

Many annuals prove valuable in the case of disturbances, such as fire or flood, which result in bare ground; their dormant seeds may then spring to life, carpeting the bare ground. Disturbances, large or small, are necessary or helpful for their reproduction and thus perpetuation. A true “ecological restoration” might well begin with a phase of creating a “seed bank” of native annuals to lie dormant until the inevitable disturbance; otherwise, future disturbances will result in thorough colonization of alien species.

For information about growing our native annuals in cultivation, I commend Judith Larner Lowry’s “Notes on Growing Wildflowers”, and Kevin Connolly’s Gardener’s Guide to California Wildflowers.

San Francisco’s native annual plants, listed by family:

Amaranthaceae, pigweed family
Amaranthus californicus, California amaranth
Amaranthus powellii

Apiaceae, parsley family
Apiastrum angustifolium, mock parsley
Bowlesia incana, bowlesia
Daucus pusillus, rattlesnake weed
Yabea microcarpa, bur-parsley

Asteraceae, sunflower family
Achyrachaena mollis, blow-wives.
Agoseris heterophylla, woodland agoseris
Aster subulatus var. ligulatus, slim aster
Bidens cernua var. cernua, nodding bur-marigold
Bidens laevis, bur-marigold
Blennosperma nanum, common blennosperma
Chamomilla occidentalis, valley pineapple weed
Cirsium brevistylum, Indian thistle
Filago californica, California cotton rose
Gnaphalium purpureum, purple cudweed
Gnaphalium stramineum, cotton-batting plant
Helenium puberulum, rosilla
Hemizonia congesta ssp. luzulifolia, white tarweed, hayfield tarweed
Hemizonia corymbosa, coast tarweed
Hemizonia kelloggii, Kellogg’s tarweed
Hesperevax sparsiflora, dwarf evax
Lasthenia californica, goldfields
Lasthenia glabrata, smooth lasthenia, saltmarsh goldfields
Lasthenia microglossa
Lasthenia minor, woolly lasthenia
Layia chrysanthemoides, smooth layia
Layia gaillardioides, woodland layia
Layia hieracioides, tall layia
Layia platyglossa, tidy-tips
Lessingia germanorum, San Francisco lessingia
Madia exigua, threadstem madia
Madia gracilis, slender tarweed, gum-weed
Madia sativa, coast tarweed
Micropus californicus, slender cottonweed
Microseris bigelovii
Microseris douglasii, silver puffs, Douglas’s microseris
Pentachaeta alsinoides, tiny chaetopappa
Psilocarphus tenellus, slender woolly-heads
Rafinesquia californica, California chicory
Stephanomeria virgata
Uropappus lindleyi, silver puffs
Xanthium spinosum, spiny clotbur
Xanthium strumarium, cockle bur

Boraginaceae, borage family
Amsinckia lycopsoides
Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia, common fiddleneck
Amsinckia spectabilis, seaside amsinckia
Cryptantha flaccida, flaccid cryptantha
Cryptantha leiocarpa, coast cryptantha
Pectocarya penicillata, winged pectocarya
Plagiobothrys bracteatus, bracted popcornflower
Plagiobothrys chorisianus
Plagiobothrys stipitatus

Brassicaceae, mustard family
Athysanus pusillus, sandweed
Cardamine oligosperma, western bittercress. This native annual is a common “weed”.
Guillenia lasiophylla, California mustard
Lepidium densiflorum, common pepper grass
Lepidium nitidum, shining pepper-grass
Rorippa curvisiliqua, western yellow cress
Thysanocarpus curvipes, lace pod
Thysanocarpus laciniatus

Campanulaceae, bellflower family
Downingia concolor, fringed downingia
Githopsis specularioides, common bluecup
Heterocodon rariflorum, hetrocodon
Triodanis biflora, Venus looking-glass

Caryophyllaceae, pink family
Minuartia californica, California sandwort
Minuartia pusilla
Sagina apetala
, dwarf pearlwort
Sagina decumbens ssp. occidentalis, western pearlwort
Sagina maxima ssp. crassicaulis
Sagina procumbens, arctic pearlwort
Spergularia marina, salt-marsh sand spurry
Stellaria nitens, shining chickweed

Chenopodiaceae, goosefoot family
Atriplex joaquiniana, San Joaquin saltbush
Atriplex patula, spear oracle
Monolepis nuttalliana, poverty weed

Crassulaceae, stone crop family
Crassula aquatica, water pygmy
Crassula connata, sand pygmy

Elatinaceae, waterwort family
Elatine brachysperma, short-seeded waterwort

Euphorbiaceae, spurge family
Chamaesyce serpyllifolia, thyme-leaved spurge
Eremocarpus setigerus, turkey mullein
Euphorbia crenulata, Chinese caps
Euphorbia spathulata, reticulate-seeded spurge

Fabaceae, pea family
Astragalus gambelianus, Gambell’s dwarf locoweed
Astragalus tener, slender rattleweed
Lotus humistratus, short-podded trefoil, hill lotus
Lotus micranthus, small-flowered trefoil, miniature lotus
Lotus strigosus, strigose trefoil
Lotus wrangelianus, Chile trefoil
Lupinus bicolor, miniature lupine
Lupinus nanus, sky lupine. A beautiful wildflower, valued in cultivation. Likes sandy or gravelly soils.
Lupinus microcarpus, chick lupine
Lupinus succulentus, arroyo lupine. A bit coarse, but commonly cultivated. Good in clay soil.
Trifolium barbigerum, bearded clover, colony clover
Trifolium bifidum var. decipiens, notch-leaved clover
Trifolium fucatum, sour clover, bull clover
Trifolium gracilentum, pin-point clover
Trifolium macraei, MacRae’s clover
Trifolium microcephalum, maiden clover
Trifolium microdon, thimble clover, square-headed clover
Trifolium oliganthum, lanky clover
Trifolium variegatum, white-tipped clover
Trifolium wildenovii, tomcat clover
Vicia ludoviciana var. ludoviciana, slender vetch

Gentianaceae, gentian family
Centaurium muhlenbergii, Monterey centaury
Cicendia quadrangularis, timwort

Geraniaceae, geranium family
Geranium bicknellii
Geranium carolinianum, Carolina geranium

Hydrophyllaceae, waterleaf family
Nemophila heterophylla, white nemophila, vari-leaf nemophila
Nemophila menziesii, baby-blue eyes. Very commonly cultivated, showy, easy-to-grow wildflower.
Nemophila pedunculata, spreading nemophila, meadow nemophila
Phacelia ciliata, Chinese lantern phacelia, Great Valley phacelia
Phacelia distans, common phacelia
Phacelia douglasii
Phacelia malvifolia, stinging phacelia
Pholistoma auritum, purple fiesta flower. Easy-to-grow.

Hypericaceae, St. John’s wort family
Hypericum anagalloides, tinker’s penny

Juncaceae, rush family
Juncus bufonius, toad rush

Lamiaceae, mint family
Monardella undulata, curly-leaved monardella

Lemnaceae, duckweed family
Lemna gibba
Lemna minor
, smaller duckweed
Lemna minuta, least duckweed
Lemna trisulca, ivy-leaved duckweed
Lemna valdviana
Wolffiella lingulata
, mud-midget

Lilaeaceae, flowering quillwort family
Lilaea scilloides, flowering-quillwort

Linaceae, flax family
Hesperolinon congestum, Marin dwarf flax

Onagraceae, evening primrose family
Camissonia contorta
Camissonia micrantha
, sun-cup
Clarkia davyi
Clarkia franciscana
, Presidio clarkia
Clarkia purpurea, winecup clarkia
Clarkia purpurea ssp. quadrivulnera, four-spot
Clarkia rubicunda, ruby chalice clarkia
Epilobium brachycarpum, parched fireweed, summer cottonweed
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. ciliatum, common willow herb
Epilobium ciliatum subsp. watsonii, Watson’s willow herb
Epilobium minutum, minute willow herb
Epilobium densiflorum, dense-flowered boisduvalia

Papaveraceae, poppy family
Eschscholzia californica, California poppy. A commonly cultivated, easy-to-grow wildflower.
Meconella californica, California meconella
Meconella linearis, narrow-leaved meconella
Platystemon californicus, cream cups. Deserves to be cultivated more often.

Plantaginaceae, plantain family
Plantago erecta, dwarf plantain, California plantain

Poaceae, grass family
Deschampsia danthonoides, annual hairgrass. Native to moist depressions.
Hordeum depressum, low barley
Hordeum jubatum, tufted barley
Leptochloa fascicularis, bearded sprangletop
Phalaris lemmonii, Lemmon’s canary grass
Pleuropogon californicus, annual semaphore grass
Puccinellia simplex, annual alkali grass
Scribneria bolanderi, Scribner’s grass
Vulpia microstachys var. pauciflora, Pacific fescue
Vulpia octoflora, slender fescue

Polemoniaceae, phlox family
Collomia grandiflora, grand collomia, formerly more common in cultivation.
Collomia heterophylla, vari-leaf collomia
Gilia capitata ssp. chamissonis, dune gilia. Attractive wildflower in cultivation.
Gilia clivorum, grassland gilia
Linanthus grandiflorus, California phlox. Commonly cultivated, easy-to-grow wildflower.
Linanthus liniflorus, flax-flowered linanthus
Linanthus parviflorus, small-flowered linanthus
Navarretia squarrosa, skunkweed
Phlox gracilis, small annual phlox, slender phlox

Polygonaceae, buckwheat family
Chorizanthe cuspidata, San Francisco chorizanthe
Chorizanthe pungens, spineflower
Pterostegia drymarioides, pterostegia

Portulacaceae, purslane family
Calandrinia ciliata, red maids. Sometimes cultivated.
Claytonia perfoliata, miner’s lettuce. Grown for food.
Montia fontana, water chidkweed, blinks

Ranunculaceae, buttercup family
Myosurus minimus, common mouse tail
Ranunculus hebecarpus, downy buttercup

Rosaceae, rose family
Aphanes occidentalis, western lady’s mantle, dew cup

Rubiaceae, madder family
Galium aparine, goosegrass. “Perhaps native to Europe” – a cosmopolitan plant, hard to tell.

Scrophulariaceae, snapdragon family
Castilleja ambigua, johnny-nip
Castilleja attenuata, valley tassels
Castilleja densiflora, owl’s clover
Castilleja exserta, purple owl’s clover. A showy species.
Collinsia bartsiifolia, white Chinese houses
Collinsia corymbosa, round-headed Chinese houses
Collinsia heterophylla, Chinese houses. A showy and easy-to-grow wildflower.
Collinsia multicolor, San Francisco collinsia
Collinsia tinctoria, iodine collinsia
Cordylanthus maritimus, salt marsh bird’s beak
Cordylanthus mollis, soft bird’s beak
Limosella aquatica, northern mudwort
Linaria canadensis, blue toadflax
Mimulus guttatus, seep-spring monkeyflower. Easy, showy wildflower in a moist spot or pot.
Triphysaria eriantha, butter-and-eggs, johnny-tuck
Triphysaria eriantha ssp. rosea, popcorn beauty
Triphysaria floribunda, San Francisco owl’s clover.
Triphysaria pusilla, dwarf orthocarpus
Triphysaria versicolor ssp. versicolor, smooth orthocarpus
Veronica peregrina ssp. xalpensis, purslane speedwell, neckweed

Solanaceae, nightshade family
Nicotiana quadrivulneris, Indian tobacco

Urticaceae, nettle family
Hesperocnide tenella, western nettle

Valerianaceae, valerian family
Plectritis brachystemon, pink plectritis
Plectritis macrocera, rotund plectritis, short-spurred plectritis, white plectritis

Showy species in the trade: red maids, California poppy, cream cups, dove lupine, sky lupine, arroyo lupine, ruby chalice clarkia, dune gilia, California phlox, baby blue-eyes, Chinese houses, purple owl’s clover, purple fiesta flower, goldfields, saltmarsh goldfields, tidy-tips. Grand collomia is also in the trade.

Annuals for habitat value include the above plus: six-weeks fescue, spear oracle, miner’s lettuce, shining pepper-grass, pinpoint clover, maiden clover, tomcat clover, tinker’s penny, seep-spring monkeyflower, dwarf plantain, blow-wives, bur-marigold, and, really – any of the others you could get. Particularly good are the tarweeds (Hemizonia and Madia species), with somewhat oily nutritious seeds.

For shade: Chinese houses, miner’s lettuce [can take up to full sun; should have at least a few hours of sun or a bright shade situation.] Purple fiesta flower also can take some shade.

Meadow mix: red maids, California poppies, cream cups, dove lupine, sky lupine, arroyo lupine, ruby chalice clarkia, California phlox, baby-blue-eyes, Chinese houses, purple owl’s clover, goldfields, tidy-tips, miner’s lettuce, pinpoint clover, maiden clover, tomcat clover, white-tipped clover, dwarf plantain.

Sandy soil: California poppies, sky lupine, dove lupine, baby blue eyes, cream cups, dune gilia, purple owl’s clover, goldfields, tidy-tips, dwarf plantain.

Clayish soil: California poppies, arroyo lupine, dove lupine, saltmarsh goldfields, tidy-tips, California phlox, ruby chalice clarkia.

Moist areas: seep-spring monkeyflower, tinker’s penny, annual hairgrass, sour clover, fringed downingia, bur-marigold, rosilla, western yellow cress.

Glenn Keator recommends these combinations of common native annuals as attractive for gardens:

California poppy, creamcups, and baby-blue-eyes
California poppy, tidy-tips, and lupines
California poppy and goldfields
Chinese houses and clarkia


Flora of San Francisco

Theodore E. Niehaus/Charles L. Ripper, A Field Guide to Pacific States Wildflowers

John Hunter Thomas. Flora of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California

Mary L. Bowerman, The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mt. Diablo, California

James C. Hickman, editor. The Jepson Manual, Higher Plants of California

Glenn Keator. Complete Garden Guide to the Native Perennials of California

Kevin Connelly. Gardener’s Guide to California Wildflowers

Judith Larner Lowry. “Notes on Growing Wildflowers”

Ruth Porter & Toni Corelli. “Vascular Plant List: Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve”


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